Sunday, June 07, 2015

Sunday Shorts: UNWIND

I'm completely unfamiliar with the YA novel this short is based on, but it appears to be absolutely terrifying. Is this what the kids are reading these days? What happened to stories about enrolling in schools of wizardry or falling in love with sparkly vampires who practice abstinence before marriage? Wow, that sounds incredibly cheesy when you say it out loud...

A few days back, I tweeted a link to an article about the importance of tension on page one.  Without a doubt, Unwind easily qualifies as Exhibit A. It's probably the most unnerving short I've posted. What's especially interesting here is that it's all about what we don't see, but hear. Our imagination, the best and cheapest special effect, does all the heavy lifting. Not a spec of blood or gore to be found. I love how the nurse's soothing voice contrasts with the sound of the procedure in the background.

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