Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Powers: A PlayStation Original Series | Episode 1

Set in a world where humans and super heroes co-exist, a homicide detective, who had his own powers taken from him, investigates crimes involving superhumans along with his partner.

The first episode of the graphic novel adaptation is up on youtube. I believe this was in development at FX for while but it never got past the pilot. While I'm surprised it's coming from the Playstation Network, I really shouldn't be. Everyone's trying to get into the content business these days. I hear overstock.com has stuff in the works -- seriously.

Pacing seemed a little off to me but pilots are difficult beasts so stuff like that happens. Reminds me of  a grittier Heroes. Sharlto Copley and Susan Heyward work well off each other as the leads. The budget is supposedly comparable to House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and Orange is the New Black. However, last time I checked, characters weren't flying, teleporting, or firing energy blasts on those shows. Something to keep an eye on over the 10 episode run. You have wonder how long this superhero bubble will last but with stuff like this and the upcoming Daredevil series on Netflix, I reckon it might be a while longer...

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