Friday, February 28, 2014

Making I, Frankenstein

While in the midst of some podcast hunting on SoundCloud, I came across these interviews from an I, Frankenstein press junket.

Three different perspectives on the same material. Eckhart was under the weather during his interview, so there's not a lot to glean from his segment, but you get a sense of what attracted him to the part of Adam Frankenstein.

Grevioux has a pretty good attitude about the development process.Your script is going to be rewritten. Deal with it. Still, it must have been jarring to see all the changes. I think his original concept of Adam as a hardboiled private detective dealing with classic movie monsters in a noir-styled setting could have been fun.

Beattie had his personal take on the material and focused on elements that interested him. I can understand why he felt another Lakeshore movie featuring vampires and werewolves would be overkill at this point. There are countless mythical creatures just waiting to be introduced to movie audiences.

Interesting to see how the project came to be, the subsequent changes, and the final product. I, Frankestein's box office was a bit of a disappointment -- hey, it happens -- but I get the impression the concept might find life in video games and/or comics.

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