Friday, November 01, 2013

2013 Blood List

The Blood List was announced yesterday.  Here are the top 13 most liked, unproduced, dark genre screenplays of the year:

INK & BONE by Zak Olkewicz
Logline: When a female book editor visits the home of a horror writer so he can complete his novel, she finds that all of his creations are holding him hostage.
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Agent (s): Dan Cohan (WME)
Manager (s): Will Rowbotham (Caliber Media)
Status: Set up at Dimension.

THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE by Ian Goldberg & Richard Naing
Logline: A father / son mortician team try to uncover the cause of death on a Jane Doe. The more they uncover, the more mysterious and terrifying their world becomes.
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Agent(s): Ian: Matt Rosen (CAA) Richard: Mike Goldberg (APA)
Manager(s): Josh Adler (New Wave)
Status: Eric Garcia and Fred Berger (Imposter Pictures) are producing alongside Ben Pugh and Rory Aitken (42 Productions). Andre Ovredal is attached to direct.

PATROL by Jayson Rothwell
Logline: A group of marines, embedded in South Asia, embrak on patrol of a remote island in search og drug runners. What they end up finding is something much more deadly and demonic than they could ever imagine.
Agent(s): Rich Cook, Phil d'Amecourt (WME)
Status: Set up Paramount Insurge. Sunnyfield Entertinament producing w/Sarah Bremner attached as executive producer.

Logline: A mother and daughter find themselves stranded in the middle of the night on an abandoned road. Deep in the surrounding wood a nightmarish terror stalks them, and they must find the courage to face the beast, or be destroyed by it.
Genre: Horror
Agent(s): Jason Burns, David Kramer (UTA)
Status: Bryan Bertino & Adrienne Biddle (Unbroken Pictures) and Atlast Entertinament are attached to produce. Sonny Mallhi is attached to executive produce.

PATIENT Z by Mike Le
Logline: In a post-apocalyptic world, a man with the ability to speak the language of the undead interrogates zombies with the hopes of  finding Patient Zero and a cure for his infected wife.
Genre: Thriller
Angent: David Saunders (APA)
Manager: Jonathan Hung (Hung Entertainment)
Status: Bryan Bertino and Adrienne Biddle (Unbroken Pictures) producing.

Logline: A family embarks on a cross-country road trip, but the vacation takes a horrifying turn when they are hunted by a group of drifters.
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Agent(s): Robert Lazar, Abram Nalibotsky (Resolution)
Manager(s): Jeremy Bell, Nate Matteson, & Peter McHugh (The Gotham Group)
Status: Set up at Paramount Insurge. Daniel Dubiecki & Carly Norris (The Allegiance Theater) attached to produce.
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SOMACELL by Ashleigh Powell
Logline: A female prison worker in the near future discovers that the virtual reality process that rehabilitates convicts is not all it promises to be.
Genre: Sci Fi / Thriller
Manager(s): Dan vang, Jake Weindr (Benderspink)
Agent (s): Bob Hohman, Bayard Maybank, Devra Lieb & J.R. Satery (Gersh) Status: Set up at Warner Bros. David Goyer (Phantom Four Films) is at- tached to produce.

ON YOUR DOORSTEP by Steve Desmond & Michael Sherman
Logline: When a young journalist suspects that an abducted girl is being held somewhere in her own neighborhood, she decides to delve into the secret lives of her neighbors to determine which one is capable of the horrific crime.
Genre: Thriller
Agent(s): Adam Perry, Sheryl Petersen (APA)
Manager(s): Jenny Wood (Elevate Entertainment)
Status: Elevate Entertainmanet attached to produce.

MOMSKA by Simon Rumley
Logline: A teenage girl thinks her mother is trying to take over her life, but discovers the truth is much more sinister.
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Agent(s): Chris Ridenhour, Will Lowery (APA)
Manager(s): Adam Goldworm (Aperture Entertainment)
Status: Adam Goldworm (Aperture Entertainment) attached to produce.

Logline: A weekend get-away for two lovers turns into a nightmare of torture and psychological mind games.
Genre: Sexy Thriller
Agent(s): Mike Esola, Solco Schuit (WME)
Manager: Brooklyn Weaver (Energy Entertainment) Status: Energy attached to produce

CAPSULE by Ian Shorr
Logline: A young man mysteriously begins to receive metallic capsules containing messages from his future self.
Genre: Sci fi
Agent(s): Jason Burns, Charlie Ferraro, and David Park (UTA)
Manager: Langley Perer (Mosaic)
Status: Set up at 20th Century Fox. Hutch Parker and John Zaozirny attached to produce. Matthias Hoene is attached to direct.

LIMERENCE by Richard Hobley
Logline: Feeling ignored by her husband and child, a self-harming, sexually repressed teacher falls into a dangerous relationship with an obsessive new student.
Genre: Thriller
Manager: Jon Kanak (Jon Kanak Management)
Status: Joey Tuccio (East View Entertainment) is attached to produce.

REVELATIONS (fka LORD OF LIGHT) by Hernany Perla
Logline: A prison psychiatrist meets a death row inmate on the verge of his execution who claims to be the only thing stopping the end of the world. As she begins to investigate his predictions, she finds them to be eerily accurate, and that she may be a central figure in the events to come. 12 MONKEYS meets SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.
Genre: Thriller
Agent: Chris Sablan (Original Artists)
Manager: Ryan Cunningham (Madhouse)
Status: Set up at Lotus Entertainment.

Nice crop this year. Revelations reminds me of a classic Twilight Zone episode about a prisoner trapped in a never-ending nightmare. Patient Z is the flat-out definition of a high concept premise -- wish I'd thought of it.  Ink & Bone's logline reads like the premise of a Stephen King novel. I didn't go gaga over Troll Hunter, but I liked director Andre Ovredal's creativity. Really looking forward to see what he does with something like The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

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