Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Returned

Just a quick heads up about the series premiere on Sundance tonight:


The dead mysteriously reappear in a small town and attempt to resume their lives.

It's based on the 2004 French film Les Revenants, which, despite some slow spots and a shaky ending, I kinda liked. Interestingly enough, Brad Pitt's production company has an eerily similar, but entirely unrelated, upcoming show about folks coming back from the grave. See for yourself:

Spooky, even down to the creepy kid. Based on the 2013 novel by Jason Mott, it's set for a mid-season premiere on ABC.

We just had In The Flesh from earlier this year and now these two. Looks like reverse zombies are the new black. Makes you wonder how many zombie pilots are floating around in Hollywood. With the current success of The Walking Dead, I'd say a lot. It almost makes me reconsider my own zombie-ish pilot, but I've put in too much work already and besides, I really like it.

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