Sunday, April 21, 2013

Orphan Black

Sarah Manning discovers that she has multiple doppelgangers, and someone is killing them off.

Absolutely fantastic premise but the pilot really didn’t grab me. Too much time spent on Sarah’s crummy life, crummy ex-boyfriend, stolen cocaine, etc. However, I suppose that information was necessary in order to justify why she would swap places with a recently deceased cop/doppelganger.

Tatiana Malsany is quite the chameleon. I didn’t realize that she was in one of the Ginger Snaps sequels until I looked her up on the imdb. She really seems to enjoy juggling all the wigs, outfits, and accents. 

All in all, the pilot reminded me of a grimier version of the CW’s short-lived Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. But instead of a soapy melodrama, Orphan Black has great potential to be an effective police procedural and sci-fi thriller. My biggest criticism would be the pacing. The entire episode felt like several episodes of a web series stitched together into a loosely connected 60 minute movie. Subsequent episodes have been much stronger.

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