Saturday, January 05, 2013

A New Year

First post of the new year ...and it only took me five days! Up this point, I had completely forgotten about my 2012 screenwriting resolutions, so it was quite the surprise to discover that I had met most of them. I didn’t finish the screenplay in 21 days, but I managed to read and write more often. Sorely lacking in specificity, but I’ll take those tiny victories where I can find them.

And while contests and querying didn’t get me anywhere in 2013, there’s nothing like the whiff of a new script to make you believe things will be different this time around. I started it last January, but things only started to come together in the last few months. I stayed away from ghosts, zombies, vampires, and werewolves with this one. The story is a big shout-out to those classic Twilight Zone episodes. I’m really anxious to see how it fares in contests.

My other writing resolution deals with this blog. No more two week gaps between posts.


Script Quack said...

Just came across your blog and I'm enjoying your posts. I hope your 2013 resolutions are going well too. Screenwriting is all about setting goals and going after them!

screamwriter said...

Great advice! I'm still working on those resolutions.


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