Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All You Zombies

After vampires and werewolves had their run, aliens were supposed to be the next big thing, then somebody decided that angels were definitely it, but the undead dragged their rotting corpses under the radar and managed to infect Hollywood before we knew what was happening. You could make the argument that they’ve leapfrogged werewolves in terms of mainstream popularity.

Zombie films are the ultimate pressure cooker stories. Throw together a bunch of people from different backgrounds in a confined space, give them a looming threat, then watch the magic happen. Big budgets, multiple locations, or lots of special effects are not required. Their biggest Achilles heel is often a lack originality. The Romero films are cool, but no one wants to see a rehash of the same story with only minor cosmetic changes. Two upcoming films don’t seem to have this problem.

The World War Z trailer brings a whole new meaning to the wave. More of a tease than insight into the story, it seems like The Walking Dead on steroids. Still, I’m intrigued.

Horror comedies can be iffy with audiences, but Warm Bodies looks like fun. Zombies regaining their humanity. Clever.


Jeffrey said...

Outstanding blog you run here, Mr. Screamwriter sir. I have suddenly found myself thrust into the world of writing low budget horror scripts for hire and you've already kept me inspired on a daily basis! Thanks for all you're doing here!

screamwriter said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jeffrey. Good luck with your screenwriting endeavors!


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