Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mockingbird Lane

I’m surprised how much I enjoyed the pilot Halloween Special, because it sounded like such a crummy idea on paper. From the casting of Jerry O’Connell as Herman Munster, the name change, and making it an hour-long dramedy, I was absolutely dreading the final product. But I’m happy to be wrong on all counts.

Although Mockingbird Lane has far more in common with The Addams Family (which was more my thing) than the Munsters, Bryan Fuller still manages to capture its spirit: a family that cares about each other. He skillfully balances the characters trying to preserve their humanity with a healthy dose of dark humor. Writing comedy is hard, but horror-comedy is even harder. While the original series was mostly sight gags and tame one-liners, Fuller's version has Boy Scouts attacked by a werewolf and jokes about a serial killer stuffing bodies into the walls of the Munsters' new home, it definitely takes a pair of stones to write stuff like that for a family-oriented show.

The ratings were a respectable but unspectacular 5.4 million viewers -- especially when you consider the hefty 10 million dollar production budget. Seems unlikely that NBC would order more episodes and it’s too costly for the SyFy Channel. A shame it probably won't find a home...

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