Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Tall Man Trailer

Probably the most interesting thing about The Tall Man trailer is the fact that Jessica Biel is the star and executive producer. I figured she’d be campaigning for something more high profile like Wonder Woman or Xena: The Movie at this stage in her career.

Actors are an impossible bunch to figure out from afar. I read that one of the reasons Mark Walhberg did The Happening was the opportunity to play someone other than a cop or criminal. Viola Davis says she’d love to do comedy, but she only gets offers for dramas. Maybe Biel really wanted to work with writer/director Pascal Laugier -- still haven’t seen Martyrs.

Sure, some actors might only be interested in the size of the paycheck, but it never hurts to do a little research.

Anyway, this seems like a generic thriller to me... okay, after some digging, there’s more going on under the hood than what the trailer suggests. I’m puzzled by the limited theatrical run. How does that happen to film with a recognizable lead?

Will check out when it hits DVD shelves.

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