Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Revolution had a solid debut on Monday. 11 million viewers overall, and was especially strong in the magical 18-49 demographic. But after the ho-hum pilot, how many of those viewers will return for week two? That question is probably more intriguing than anything I watched. Still, I’ll stick around for at least 4-5 episodes.

If you’re looking for better way to get your post-apocalyptic fix, check out H+ the Digital Series. Produced by Bryan Singer, it’s a web series set in the not-too-distant future; where a significant portion of the population has brain implants that keeps them continuously connected to the internet. Something goes awry, people start dropping like flies, and the world plunges into chaos.

Impressive for the 2 million dollar budget. Good production values. Didn’t recognize the cast -- except for Alexis Denisof. The narrative jumps around from past to present with multiple storylines, which I guess helps with the writing. Easier to fine tune. The whole thing reminds me of Lost, but in a good way. Episodes are short though. Gotta wait every Wednesday for a new one. I’d like to see the entire series stitched together as a feature length film.

The web does is a new frontier for aspiring filmmakers/writers -- and some established folks. You might not have 2 million bucks lying around, but a little creativity may be be all that’s needed.

Check out the first episode below. 

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