Sunday, July 15, 2012

Underworld: Awakening

I've slowly come to the realization that I expect way too much from the Underworld franchise. Despite the intriguing premise of a hidden war between vampires and werewolves lycans, they're simply suped-up action movies with classic movie monsters. The subtext of the first film, the fear/hatred of miscegenation, seems like a distant memory. Not sure why I keep hoping for more character development. This is the fourth installment of franchise that's grossed almost half a billion dollars. If it ain't broke...

I guess I've been spoiled by Bryan Singer's take on X-Men and what Chris Nolan did with Batman. Films with fantastical elements AND relatable characters/situations. If you're emotionally invested in the characters, that cool action sequence becomes even cooler.

While it's hard not to appreciate Kate Beckinsale strut around in latex and kick butt, where's the fun in watching a character with zero depth?

Lycans and Vampires are no longer hidden in the shadows. As a matter of fact, it's open season on supernatural creatures. Selene has been in a cryogenic sleep for the last twelve years, but now she's awake -- get it? Selene's goal is to find her lover Michael and protect a young hybrid that everyone seems to want.

Hard to believe it took four screenwriters to come up with that. There's a half-hearted attempt at a mother-daughter relationship between Selene and Eve, the young hybrid, but it falls flat. Someone must have been digging around in Milla Jovovich's trash, because the story seems like a mash up of the bad parts of Ultraviolet and whatever Resident Evil flick we're up to.

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