Saturday, May 26, 2012

Awake Finale

Had a few days to think it over and I'm still satisfied with the way things wrapped up. Detective Britten took down the conspirators and lived happily ever after -- in what appears to be a new delusion. I'm sure some viewers were looking for a more definitive answer as to which world was real, but that was never the point. Britten was always willing to risk his sanity if it meant he could be reunited with his family, so the final scene makes sense.

Although creator Kyle Killen says there were ideas for another season, I'm somewhat relieved it won't happen. The format might have changed and apparently there was a desire to move away from the procedural aspect. I'm not sure how that would have worked -- I suppose that's why he's had two series on network television and I'm just some dude with a blog. If Netflix and Amazon are smart, they'll try to develop some projects with him.

Not every concept will translate into big ratings, but I applaud the effort to try something different. Awake will probably end up on some brilliant-but-cancelled list in a few years. I pray the DVD is loaded with extras.

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