Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dark Shadows Trailer

I think I've hated almost every Dark Shadows promotional picture released so far. Johnny Depp makes for one strange-looking Barnabas Collins. As much as I admire most of Tim Burton's work, I just haven't gotten a good vibe from this remake/re-imagining of the cult soap. And while I've seen a few episodes of the original, I'd hardly call myself a fan.

So the trailer dropped today... and I liked it! Funny. Campy. Set in the 70s. For whatever reason, I had assumed Burton was going to emulate the tone of the original -- which probably would have been a huge mistake. It's rare to have a supernatural show/film that isn't self-aware these days. Everything makes sense now. I imagine hardcore fans will scream sacrilege, but Dark Shadows is now officially on my 2012 must-see list!

With all that said, I have no idea how audiences will react. Outside the Twilight franchise, there haven't been a lot hit vampire movies in the last few years. Priest, Fright Night, Blood: The Last Vampire and Let Me In were all box office disappointments. Mixing horror with comedy usually yields underwhelming results. But I think Burton and Depp will be big enough names to draw in a sizable audience.

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