Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Avengers Assemble!

I keep meaning to post a 2012 must-see movie list, but the latest trailer for Avengers Assemble looks like an excellent way to kick it off. WOW!

62 Days Left...

It's been a pretty quiet February around here, but the good news is that I finally have a complete outline of my script. Figured out the ending and dumped heaps of logic into several gaping plot holes. My writing is usually a 50/50 split of preparation and inspiration, so I'm in unfamiliar territory... feels weird. I give a lot of credit to the screenwriting exercise from January. Making the Nicholl deadline will mostly be a matter of effort and consistency on my part.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Awake (Pilot)

You've probably seen it already, but just in case you haven't, check out the pilot for Awake.

After a car accident takes the life of a family member, a police detective lives two alternating parallel lives, one with his wife and one with his son. Is one of his "realities" merely a dream?

Probably the best pilot I've seen this season. Apparently there was some concern that the show might be too difficult to follow -- utter nonsense. The two cases weren't terribly interesting, but there's usually so much stuff going on in a new show (introducing characters, exposition, relationships, etc.) that I'm willing to give it a pass this time. The "dueling" therapists, BD Wong vs. Cherry Jones, worked extremely well. Both present valid reasons why they're not part of some made up world. Looking forward to future sessions.

Some might be quick to compare this to Inception or Life on Mars, but they'd be way off. There's no conspiracy to thwart or daring mission that needs to be completed. The protagonist loves his family and is willing to live in two different realities if that's the only way he can be with them -- even if his sanity eventually pays the price. Works for me and probably lots of folks. Emotional hooks.

Awake kind of reminds me of Passion of Mind, a small indie film from 2000 starring Demi Moore as a woman living parallel lives, unable to distinguish dream from reality. Much more of a Fantasy Romance but still similar. I'd post the trailer, but I couldn't find it on youtube.

NBC's been throwing a lot of stuff against the wall lately. I hope Awake sticks. BTW, you can follow the show's creator, Kyle Killen, on Twitter.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

76 Days Left

You have time but don't take it for granted. The Nicholl final deadline has a way of creeping up on you.

My self-imposed deadline is actually a week or two earlier, but this makes for a cool (and less confusing) calendar. I think I finally turned the corner in Act II. Regardless of how much time I spend carefully plotting out a story, the breakthroughs invariably come from eureka moments that drive it in an unexpected direction — curse you, intuitive thinking! Plot points will have to be changed and I'm in need of a new ending. Still on schedule though...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

This sounds like a terrific premise for SyFy's Most Dangerous Night on Television: Abraham Lincoln taking names and kicking vampire butt with his trusty axe!! However, the $70M production budget is a head-scratcher. Aside from B-movie fans like myself, where's the rest of the audience going to come from? Looks like they playing it straight, which is curious because the material screams camp. The book was on The New York Times Best Seller List but still... saner heads probably should have prevailed. Hopefully, it's not another Snakes on a Plane. I do like the remix of Johnny Cash's The Man Comes Around though...

Speaking of Presidential/Horror Mashups, FDR: American Badass has no problem embracing its inherent goofiness...


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