Thursday, January 26, 2012


A few quick thoughts on the preview:

12 Million viewers, thanks in part to American Idol, ain't too shabby. We'll see if they come back for the official launch in March.

Aside from knowing the basic premise: an autistic kid who can see how everything is connected (past, present and future), I really hadn't thought about Touch's format as an ongoing series. Little Jake comes up with some seemingly random numbers and it's up to his dad Martin (Kiefer Sutherland) figure out what they mean. Danny Glover and Gugu Mbatha-Raw have supporting roles as mentor and social worker/potential love interest respectively.

Even though he's not playing Jack Bauer, Kiefer always brings the intensity. I got a little bored in the middle, but it was fun watching all the pieces come together at the end.  Unapologetically schmaltzy but also effective. I gave it a slight edge over the Alcatraz pilot.

There's a passing resemblance to Person of Interest going on here -- a weekly mystery connected to numbers -- except that POI aims for our heads, while Touch tugged relentlessly at the ole heart strings and it worked for the most part. But I do wonder if there's enough going on to keep audiences engaged on a weekly basis. POI has lots of little mysteries to go along with the standalone episodes.

Hopefully, Touch will establish an ongoing mythos, but nothing too convoluted. We all remember how Heroes started off so strongly -- only to crash and burn a few seasons later. It'll be interesting to see what lessons Tim Kring learned.

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