Sunday, January 22, 2012

STEP 5 (Sunday, Week 4):

Now let’s get organized for your first draft. Create a structured outline. Great writers say there are 40-60 scenes in a movie. No one really knows how many there are. I advise renting a couple of movies you really enjoy and counting the scenes. Whatever number you come up with, that is the rhythm you seem to enjoy. Let’s say you came up with 40 or 50 scenes. Then on a large piece of paper, write down the numbers 1-40 or 1-50. Then fill in each scene (chronological order) with 7-10 descriptive words. Start with Scene 1 and a problem. Scene 2 introduces a protagonist. Scene 3 introduces the antagonist, etc. Don’t go exactly down the page. Skip around. Go to scene 40 or 50 and write the ending. Scene 39 and write the great car chase. Scene 38 and write why the car chase is about to happen. Then go to your 4-6 "Uh-Ohs" and "Oh-Shits" and write them in Scenes 10, 20, 30, 35, etc. Now fill in the other scene numbers with what are called B stories.

Voila!! In 1-3 days you have filled in an open ended jigsaw puzzle and created a story with 40-60 scenes, that has a beginning, a middle, and an end, with 4-6 major crises and several back stories. Your idea is now a fully fleshed out story.

Now where was I again??

I was sidetracked for while and then my sidetrack got sidetracked. I wasn't satisfied with my treatment so I went back and (eventually) came up with something more intimate or claustrophobic — take your pick. I also gave the title an extreme makeover.

On another positive note/sidetrack, I received two script requests last week for the werewolf spec. Did some minor tweaking before sending it out.

A script in three weeks is obviously out of the question at this point. Honestly, it was never a reality to begin with. But I did complete Step 5. Ready for Step 6 tomorrow...

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