Wednesday, January 04, 2012

STEP 3 (Wednesday, Week 1):

Write 15-25 words. Another 300% increase in writing. We’re just zipping along. Now type the TV logline. Condense your story into 15-25 words (protagonist, antagonist, or good guy/bad guy, situation, and problem) so that it can fit into TV Guide. If it can’t fit into TV Guide then how is anyone going to know to turn the TV onto your movie some night. Also, if you can’t get the story down to 15-25 words, there can’t be “word of mouth.”

Done. Now I don't claim to be some kind of logline savant, but they usually don't give me a lot of trouble.

And while I'm not going to post my logline for all the world to see, I will say that it has something to do with an alien invasion.

So far so good. The next few days will be interesting because outlines/treatments have never been my strong suit -- which probably explains much of my second act hand-wringing. I start with a light framework that includes the major beats, but then I wing it as I go along. We'll see what happens...

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