Sunday, January 01, 2012


What better way to kick off 2012 than with a new screenplay? This article about writing a script in 3 weeks has me intrigued. 15-25 minutes a day? Even I can do that. Yes, the end result is going to be terrible, but that's the case with most first drafts.

My Achilles Heel has always been paralysis by analysis, so I'm more than willing to see if this will work. I've always liked writing under deadlines. And it would be cool to develop the ability to churn out 4-5 polished scripts by the end of the year. Not Max Landis levels of productivity, but still somewhat respectable. At any rate, I've already settled on an idea for script number one: found footage sci-fi/horror. Nothing too complicated. Not sure if it will crack 90 pages.

Day One of this exercise officially begins tomorrow. I'll try to post daily updates...

BTW, you're more than welcome to play along.

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