Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 Nicholl Fellowships Competition

Well, it's that time again. The Nicholl folks are now accepting entries. It feels like my 2011 elimination e-mail was just yesterday. Come on, Scream. Positive thoughts... My werewolf spec had a good run in other screenwriting contests but never cracked the Nicholl Quarterfinals. After three attempts, I won't be submitting it this year.

I've fallen a little behind schedule with my intended submission,  a monster-free supernatural thriller. I'm currently somewhere in the middle of the second draft. No major plotting issues, just trying to smooth out the execution. I'd like to have the heavy lifting completed before the early deadline, then a month of tweaking before actually submitting in sometime in April. Speaking of deadlines, a couple changes from previous years:

Early deadline is now March 15th, regular is May 1st.
Entry fees have gone up: $35 (early), $52 (regular)

The payout has gone up from $30k to $35k

Also, first round scripts will be now be read by two different readers. I like this change. You're not longer at the mercy of a sole reader who just doesn't get your obvious brilliance — I mean, Grandma LOVED it!

Good luck!

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