Friday, December 16, 2011

It Was All A Dream

Remember the production company that requested my script a few months back? Well, I finally sent out the dreaded follow-up email. And what was their response?

Guess I'll take that as a pass... but don't cry for me, Argentina. I received another request two weeks ago from a low budget producer. We'll see how that pans out...

Overall, if I were to grade my 2011 Script Marketing Campaign, I'd give it a C. I don't have any regrets about entering only one screenwriting contest (Nicholl). The money was better served finding contacts on imdbpro. Okay, the majority of those contacts resulted in a cricket symphony, but a few were receptive to queries, so that counts as a positive.

A stronger logline probably could have gotten me a few more reads. However, I have to be a little honest here and admit the story doesn't get a lot of points for originality. I've always suspected this was its Achilles heel in the bigger screenwriting contests like Austin and Nicholl. I might have overestimated my ability to elevate a mundane story and/or underestimated the sheer number of werewolf scripts out there. A little cockiness on my part.

So what's next? Finish up the supernatural thriller -- this one's got originality coming out the wazoo. Polish it for Nicholl. Start querying again in mid-January. Write. Write some more. Repeat. Rinse.

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