Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Horror on the 2011 Black List

You can download the complete list here: http://blcklst.com/lists/2011_black_list.pdf

Nice to see a couple of scripts on The Blood List making an appearance:

by John Scott

As a “walking dead” virus spreads across the country, a farm family helps their eldest daughter come to terms with her infection as she slowly becomes a flesh-eating zombie.

by Larry Brenner

A group of people struggling to survive a zombie apocalypse make an alliance with a vampire, trading themselves as food in exchange for protection since zombies don’t eat vampire.

Subject Zero
by Dave Cohen

A Frankenstein-like tale of a scientist who develops a powerful new drug that brings his son back to life after he dies in a terrible car accident. Unfortunately, the desperate experiment of a loving father leads to the creation of a flesh-eating zombie epidemic with horrific consequences.

That sounds much better than the logline that was on the Blood List:

It's a love story on par with Romeo & Juliet. It's a father and son movie. It's a tragedy. It's a monster movie tipping it's hat to Frankenstein and most importantly it's an origin story explaining the birth of a viral scourge.

In The Event of a Moon Disaster
by Mike Jones

An alternate telling of the historic APOLLO 11 mission to land on the moon that examines what might have happened if the astronauts had crash landed there.

A few more caught my eye:


by Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer
An elevated horror-thriller about a family hiding in a bomb shelter after escaping a mysterious outbreak.

Buried in a bomb shelter?

by Allen Bey, Brandon Bestenheider

A family has to defend themselves from the Grims, strange creatures who attack Earth and kill thousands one night every year.

This one (supposedly) generated a lot of buzz because of the homemade trailer that went along with the script. If it was good enough to make The Black List, I don't think the trailer was that big of a factor. Nice story though.

by Ian Fried

Secretly imprisoned in a London insane asylum, the infamous Jack the Ripper helps Scotland Yard investigators solve a series of grisly murders whose victims all share one thing in common: dual puncture wounds to the neck.

I like the sound of this one. Seriously. Silence of the Lambs meets Dracula. Not the most original concept on the list, but probably the easiest to visualize. I'll bet it's a fun read.

Lots of clever ideas here.

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