Thursday, December 29, 2011

17th Precinct

17th Precinct is was a police procedural set in a world governed by magic and intuition. Science and reason? Ha! Created by Battlestar Galactica's (SYFY) Ron Moore, it didn't make the cut for NBC's 2011-2012 season, but you can check out the pilot below...

17th Precinct from ddt73 on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Well, that didn't last very long. I'm sure it's floating around the net somewhere... *cough*youtube*cough*

A little clunky, which is the case with most pilots, but certainly watchable -- perhaps a little too fantastical for casual viewers. I don't think they'd be willing to invest the time to learn the rules of an alternate and magical reality. The cast had good chemistry. Battlestar vets like Tricia Helfer, Jamie Bamber and James Callis probably helped with that. I enjoyed the way things came together at the end. Two opposing beliefs on a collision course: head vs. heart.

Overall, 17th Precinct seems better suited as a mini-series than an episodic drama. Still, it was nice to see someone try something off the beaten path.

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