Wednesday, September 07, 2011

2011-12 Fall TV

Honestly, I'm more interested in mid-season genre shows like Alcatraz, Awake, and The River than anything the new fall line-up has to offer:

Once Upon A Time (Sundays, 8pm, ABC, 10/23)
Terra Nova (Mondays, 8pm, FOX, 9/26)
Unforgettable (Wednesdays, 10pm, CBS, 9/20)
Person of Interest (Thursdays, 9pm, CBS, 9/22)
Secret Circle (Thursdays, 9pm, CW, 9/15)
A Gifted Man (Fridays, 8pm, CBS, 9/23)
Grimm (Fridays, 9pm, NBC, 10/21)

Based on the talent involved, I should be all over Person of Interest, but I have to stifle a yawn whenever I see the promos. Looks like a humorless version of Burn Notice.

Flawed as they were, I kinda miss The Event, No Ordinary Family and even the goofiness of The Cape. Hey, at least they tried. Sure, Terra Nova *looks* expensive, but does that make it a good show? I'll give Once Upon A Time some props for being different -- unfortunately, maybe a little too different.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to TV with Ringer should pull some nice numbers for the CW, but if there's a breakout hit to be found among the new shows, I certainly can't see it.

Suddenly, I have a strong urge to yell at some kids and tell them to get off my lawn!

I am, however, very interested in the new FX series from Ryan Murphy,
American Horror Story (Wednesday, 10pm, 10/5).

Cable just seems to be where it's at these days...

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