Friday, August 19, 2011

Underworld Awakening

I never imagined Underworld would have spawned two sequels, a prequel and comic books -- wasn't there a video game too? And let's not forget the recent talk about an animated series. Think about some of the sure thing films from 2003:

Bulletproof Monk
Dark Blue
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The Order
The Rundown

Remember Gigli? Ha! Anyway, here comes this genre mash-up about vampires vs. werewolves with a $21M budget, the British chick from Pearl Harbor, and a music video director at the helm. Nine years later and Underworld: Awakening is almost upon us. Kinda impressive. Original ideas can still be profitable, Hollywood.

I still have a hard copy of the 2003 script that I got off eBay. Great example of how to write action.

The trailer is interesting because it suggests a story that differs from the early synopsis. But it wouldn't be the first time that a film had a misleading trailer.

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