Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My vampirism theme continues with yet another questionable and misleading poster...

Mimic was the first film that introduced me to Guillermo Del Toro. While I didn't care for the Super Cockroaches Gone Wild story, the creature design really caught my eye. After Blade II and Hellboy, I became a huge fan of his work. Until recently, Cronos was the only Del Toro feature that I hadn't seen, but I finally got my hands on the Criterion Collection DVD. While Del Toro's often praised for dreaming up beautifully bizarre creatures and gorgeous sets, his talent as a storyteller is incredibly underrated.

An antique dealer winds up with an ancient device that can grant immortality — with the only drawback being a nasty craving for blood — but a dying tycoon will do anything to get his hands on it.

It's difficult to neatly place Cronos in a specific genre box. I guess the closest would be Dark Family Fantasy. It's kind of fitting that this post comes right after my thoughts about We Are The Night. There are several instances where the film could have gone down a schlocky b-movie path, but Del Toro's just too smart for that. This is an intimate and relatable story with a few fantastical trappings.

The DVD itself is excellent. Lots of extras: commentaries, interviews and a tour of Del Toro's Bleak House -- a shrine to all things horror, sci-fi and fantasy. A must for fans. Check out the trailer below:

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