Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blade Anime

I've got a backlog of vamp-related material, so I'm going with Vampire Theme Week:

Looks like they borrowed the Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones look from the defunct Spike live-action series. Surprised this didn't happen sooner because it seems like a no-brainer. There's definitely an audience out there for more adult-oriented animation. Cost is obviously a factor, but Spawn had a pretty good run on HBO and the Afro Samurai movies seem to do well on Spike. Heck, remember my post about the Ultraviolet anime from a few years back? Perhaps it's a question of demand. Despite the success of the films, Blade has never been that successful as a solo comic.

On the surface, Blade appears to be an excellent character for anime. However, he's not much of a talker (not especially deep either). You'll need to surround him with a strong supporting cast. On top of that, your protagonist is only as compelling as his antagonist. This seems decent enough. It might generate enough interest for Marvel to consider that often rumored Blade reboot.

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