Saturday, May 14, 2011

Been Around The World

In search of inspiration for my thriller, I've been watching a lot of foreign films and TV lately. They're not better than what we have in the States, but sometimes the perspective is different enough to get the creative juices flowing. Several caught my eye:

Idris Elba plays a cop on the edge who'll stop at nothing to get his man (or woman), even if it means breaking the rules. No inside the corpse camera shots, slick music video montages, or cheesy one-liners here. It's just a good old-fashioned cop show with an emphasis on detective work. Good acting and writing all around. Ruth Wilson steals every single scene.

Luther also has a messy enough personal life to keep you interested, especially when both worlds start to collide. While the character isn't as iconic as his creator intended, he certainly has his moments. I wasn't crazy about how the first season wrapped, spins too much out of control, but I'm looking forward to series two in the fall.

The things I do to improve my craft... Monica Bellucci... Sophie Marceau. Together... on screen... exchanging seductive glances. That poster is just oozing — get your dirty mind out the gutter! It's not *that* kind of film. Don't Look Back is actually an above average psychological thriller with some nifty special effects.

Marceau plays a woman who starts to have trouble recognizing her home, family and even her own reflection. In her eyes, she's slowly transforming into an even hotter woman, Bellucci. The exposition heavy payoff is interesting and not entirely preposterous.

The director has a lot of fun playing around with our perception. At one point, the protagonist's face looks like a hybrid of Bellucci and Marceau — which is not as hot as it sounds.

I can best describe it as What Dreams May Come meets House of Flying Daggers. Star-crossed lovers reunite in the afterworld and must prevent vengeful spirits from re-entering the world of the living. Dazzlingly visuals. Good story. Lots of fun. And as luck would have it, someone was kind enough to upload it to Youtube. You can check out Part One here:

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