Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alone with Her

Image is everything. Here's a film that takes a familiar premise and presents it in a clever manner: we see the story entirely from the POV of several spy cams — most are placed inside the home of the victim (Ana Claudia Talancon) by her stalker (Colin Hanks, who gives an absolutely chilling performance). It's a nifty presentation that makes the story seem fresher, but also doubles as an incredibly creative way to handle the obviously limited budget.

Initially, Stalker Doug seems content with just watching the lovely Amy play with her little doggie, undress and take showers. But voyeurism can only take your so far, so he attempts to insert himself into her life — "hilarity" ensues.

Exceptional presentation, some strong performances... but a terribly predictable plot. The story beats are almost identical to every crazy stalker flick you've ever seen. And that's unfortunate, because writer/director Eric Nicholas, really might have had something here. I remember a recent spec sale about cops having to solve multiple murders and the only pieces of evidence were several video cameras found at the crime scene. Maybe that script got it right...

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