Thursday, February 03, 2011


Way before Andrew Lincoln had a pesky zombie apocalypse to deal with on The Walking Dead, he was a skeptical professor writing a book about a kooky lady (Lesley Sharp) who claimed she could communicate with the dead. This brilliant, short-lived U.K. series had a much different take on the TV psychic than we're used to seeing. There's very little chance of you mistaking Alison Mundy with Allison DuBois (Medium) or Melinda Gordon (Ghost Whisperer).

Alison's haunted by the ghost of her OCD mother, while exhibiting the same disorder as she tries to help others in need. Basically, she *might* be psychic or crazy. There's also an excellent chance that she's a little bit of both. I got hooked after catching a few episodes during a marathon on Chiller.

It seemed as if the writers relished leading the audience down long, dark corridors and into the vault where television taboos are usually kept under lock and key. You can get a sense of that from a snippet of the pilot I found on youtube.

Creepy, huh? Unfortunately, last time I checked, the DVD boxset (14 episodes total) was only available for region 2 players. I'm surprised someone hasn't tried to do a U.S. version yet.

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