Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Contest Alert!

Almost forgot to mention this...

Write a short horror film for Fewdio.com

Incentive: Have the chance of getting your horror script produced
We are looking for writers to submit the script for scariest short film of all time! If you are up to the challenge, and you are able to scare the hell out of the horror film community, Fewdio will produce your script as a short film.

The short will be shot in the first quarter of 2010 and released through Fewdio's online outlets as well as on their NIGHTMARE HOUSE DVD series.

The story should be no more than 5 pages long, equal to a 5 minute film and submitted in PDF format. You will have the opportunity to submit your short film scripts until February 2, 2010.

The Talenthouse community will be able to read and vote upon all submissions starting February 3rd, 2010 and the horror experts at Fewdio will determine the final selection and choose the script they'll produce in 2010.

This is a project in cooperation with Scripped.com

Check out one of Fewdio.com's shorts below:


Well, this was certainly a disappointment. Absolute waste of a good cast: Dennis Quaid, Charles Dutton, Paul Bettany, Tyrese Gibson, Lucas Black, Kate Walsh (WTF?), etc. Basically, God is in another one of his moods and wants to wipe out humanity. A lone angelic dissenter tries to protect the pregnant young waitress whose unborn child has the potential to be our savior. Ninety percent of the film takes place at a run-down diner, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. A bunch of folks at the wrong place, at the wrong time, also find themselves in the middle of the battle...

Don't let the cast, trailer and $26 million budget fool you, Legion is barely a step above one of those most-dangerous-night-on-television SyFy movies -- but totally lacking their B-movie charm. Limited location stories are all about character, without that, all you have is.. well, a bad film like Legion. Every ten minutes or so, a dumb character does something stupid and someone dies. It's not satisfying on an action and special effects level either. The possessed look silly (The Ice Cream Man!) and are apparently dumb as a box of rocks -- you outnumber them! Instead of standing around, attempting to look intimidating, how about storming the diner? With guns? Maybe set it on fire?

The concept is a cool one, but the ridiculous plot just let me down.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

25 Screams (part v)

And now we're down to the Final Five...

5. Pitch Black - this pick might throw you for a loop at first, but Pitch Black is basically a horror movie set on another planet. Fantastic creature designs, badass anti-hero and non-cookie cutter characters for the most part.

4. A Tale of Two Sisters - 2009's The Uninvited was a dumbed-down remake this brilliant South Korean thriller -- ugh! Has one of the best twists since the Sixth Sense.

3. Let The Right One In - I hear the novel is actually creepier than the film -- don't know how that's even possible. No sparklies here, just two lonely souls finding each other -- with a couple of bodies along the way.

2. 28 Days Later - A fresh take on a well-worn concept. Great music as well.

1. Frailty - Probably one of the most underrated films of the decade. Period.

And those are my picks. Whew!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

25 Screams (part iv)

Now we crack my top 10...

10. The Orphanage (El Orfanato) - downright creepy. Also manages to pull the heart strings at the same time.

9. Phone (Pon) - One Missed Call did the haunted phone thing, but this Korean film goes someplace darker and more interesting. There's a little girl who just steals the film from the grown-ups.

8. The Others - great pacing.

7. The Grudge - one of the few occasions where I liked the remake more than the original.

6. Shaun of the Dead - horror/comedy is probably hardest genre hybrid to pull off, but British Zomedy does it with amazing ease.

Friday, January 01, 2010

25 Screams (part iii)

15. Dog Soldiers

The Descent seems to get all the attention, but this other Neil Marshall film was far more entertaining. A training exercise goes awry when a group of soldiers are ambushed by a pack of werewolves. Still waiting on that sequel...

14. Underworld

A mash up The Matrix, Blade, American Werewolf in London and Romeo & Juliet. All for under 25 million! Incredible production values. Kicked off a solid franchise.

13. Hellboy

What kind of Svengali-like hold does Ron Perlman have over Guillermo Del Toro?

"Forget about Vin Diesel! You'll cast me as the lead in Hellboy! MUAHAHAHA!"

Seriously, Perlman was made for the role. And I don't think there's another director capable of handling this dark yet quirky comic book universe from creator Mike Mignola.

12. Paranormal Activity

No stars + no budget + no CG effects equaled one of the year's biggest hits. The Blair Witch of the Twenty-First century, with a better story.

11. [rec]

The remake, Quarantine, is better known to American audiences, but this Spanish film's claustrophobic take on the zombie genre was a breath of fresh air.


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