Monday, December 06, 2010

Wishing on a Star

I'm totally clueless on whether Dead Awake is any good or not. Heck, I only discovered it a few days ago. There was a limited release over the weekend — $31,400 in 55 theaters. The DVD will probably arrive on Netflix shortly. The cast and the $3.5M budget (plus the Twilighty font) is what really caught my eye. Lately, I've been collecting hard-to-find contact information over on Mostly producers and a director or two, but I have increasingly thought about querying actors. Just gotta pick the right ones...

At first glance, Nick Stahl might not seem like a big name, but he did star in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which grossed over $400M worldwide in 2003 — the worldwide part means an awful lot these days. Significant screen time in a big movie can go a looong way, even if it was a while ago (see cast and budget of The Expendables).  Rose McGowan and Amy Smart have both been in modest hits. Rose is probably more popular from her stint on Charmed than anything else. There's a huge list that ranks actors in terms of value, I forget its name. Relativity Media has some sophisticated algorithm that takes into account certain variables such as star power, genre, director, budget, etc. and spits out a number that indicates if the project is worth making. Sounds incredible if it works. *cough* Warrior's Way *cough*

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