Monday, December 20, 2010

Red: Werewolf Hunter

Finally caught this over the weekend. A nice change of pace from their usual fare. It's hard to knock Syfy's tried and true formula, but how many mutant alligator-squid monsters and killer storms can viewers take? The plot here wasn't that complicated — are they ever? Red (Felicia Day) brings boyfriend home to meet the folks and to reveal a family secret... they’re werewolf hunters! A rogue werewolf shows up and destroys the truce between the hunters and lycanthropes. Things get even more complicated when boyfriend gets bitten.

I must have zoned out in a few spots because I can’t recall why the rogue werewolf could change at will. Overall, the story wasn’t bad and the acting was solid, but the computer generated werewolves are the weakest link. I’d almost swear they’ve been recycled from another film. The Syfy Channel's philosophy must be, 'Cheesy CG is better than no CG at all!' A slightly bigger budget or a less-is-more-approach could have done wonders.

And speaking of bigger budgets, Syfy and Universal are starting Syfy Films. Are they really going to try the Syfy formula on the big screen? Are they going to be looking for writers? Can it work? Saturday night cable viewers are much more forgiving than your average moviegoer. Still, a sci-fi film like Skyline did decent business with just a $10M budget. Even though I have my doubts about this venture, it's never a bad thing when folks want to make genre films.

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