Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lost Boys: The Thirst

A definite improvement over Lost Boys: The Tribe. Okay, that’s not a blurb you wanna slap on the DVD cover... Tribe set the bar pretty low -- so low, it probably fell through the earth and popped up somewhere in China. Although the original screenplay was about werewolf surfers, someone got the bright idea to turn it into the next installment of the Lost Boys straight to DVD films. The story goes something like this: Edgar Frog is enlisted by a Stephanie Meyer type author -- played by Tanit Phoenix (see below), who’s rumored to be the top choice for the new Wonder Woman TV series -- to rescue her brother from vamps who plan to sacrifice him during a big rave.

Lost Boys: The Thirst is an interesting experiment of trying to turn a supporting character into a lead. The result is somewhat successful. They flesh out Edgar a bit. Made him an angsty loner with nothing but comic books and a superior vampire killing ability -- which surprisingly doesn‘t pay the rent. He’s also clueless about the cute chick from the comic book shop who’s totally digging him -- even after she decides to tag along on his mission.

Sometimes it felt like Corey Feldman was playing it a little too straight, while everyone else kinda winked and nodded at the camera. The way I’ve always understood it is that all your characters (no matter how insignificant their role) should think they’re the hero of the story. I see some of that here, but there should have been more.

There’s a cool flashback to a scene from the original film and a nice tribute to Corey Haim. Honestly, there’s not much to say after that. Director Dario Piana does a fine job with a limited budget. Some of the set pieces and action are above average for straight to DVD flick. I think it’s pretty safe to say this won’t be the last we’ll be seeing of Edgar Frog.

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