Thursday, November 04, 2010

What Are You Looking At?

Even though The Event has been picked up for the rest of the season, it still seems to be on the same trajectory as ABC's short-lived FlashForward. I have an upcoming post on how I'd try to turn things around...

Dear J.J. Abrams,

Viewers have much shorter attention spans since the days of Hart to Hart, and networks are far less nurturing. Cutesy just doesn't cut it anymore. I've seen more conflict on episodes of She Spies — anyone remember that one? Undercovers was a flawed concept from day one. It's almost as if the show expected to ride a post-racial wave of buzz generated by its color-blind casting and totally forgot about a little thing called storytelling. So long sexpionage...

Sunday's premiere was a solid effort. However, I did have some minor quibbles: the scene in the car between Grimes and Shane was interminable. Broke a cardinal rule of screenwriting by telling and not showing. The intention was to establish the two characters with dialogue, but you can better define them through their actions. And honestly, the eventual payoff wasn't even worth it. Also, the opening in the hospital was a little too reminiscent of 28 Days Later. While I understand the sequence comes directly from the comic, that didn't make it any less stale. With all that said, I'm still looking forward to see how things play out. Only five episodes left though. The ratings were huge for cable, 5.3 million viewers — that might be more than Wednesday's episode of Undercovers. But how many will be back for seconds?

BTW, new Fringe tonight!

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