Monday, November 08, 2010

The Blood List (2010)

The list of the best unproduced horror scripts for 2010 is out!

Scriptshadow has a link to a .pdf of the full list with title, author and reps. also has a copy, along with some loglines.

Here's the top 10:

1. DARK CONTINENT by David Portlock
2. THE LAST WITCH HUNTER by Cory Goodman
3. SKIN by Adam Alleca
4. HELL'S ACRE by Damian Nieman & Shane Clark
5. KIYO by Alex Daltas
6. SPRAWL by Jordan Goldberg & Alex Paraskevas
7. NOCTURNE by Andre Fabrizio & Jeremy Passmore
8. EIGHT BALL by Keith Kjornes
9. CURE by Beau Thorne
10. CHRONICLE by Max Landis

Slasher. Supernatural. Slivers of Sci-Fi. Pretty diverse subject matter. Based on the loglines, DARK CONTINENT seems the most promising. I also like the sound of NOCTURNE and CHRONICLE. It's all subjective, but congrats to the writers. I got a whole lotta reading to do. The immediate value of the Blood List to folks like us lies in the names of reps. Start working on those query letters. Maybe we'll make the cut next year!

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