Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Battle: Los Angeles

You've probably seen the trailer by now, but did you know there was an actual Battle of Los Angeles in 1942? Not quite a battle, but still an interesting little piece of UFO history. Those Ancient Alien specials on The History Channel are full of sci-fi story starters like this. From what I can tell, Battle: Los Angeles doesn't reference the alleged event — excised from an early draft of the script? Maybe someone thought it was too similar to Independence Day referencing Roswell.

Hollywood loves material based on true stories. They even like stories "inspired" by actual events. It's a great hook to mention in a query letter.

Asylum, the folks behind cinematic classics such as Transmorphers, Titantic II (you heard me) and Snakes on a Train, also have the upcoming "Battle of Los Angeles." Their low budget version appears to be more tied to the event. Although it's lacking in star power and special effects, I'm kind of intrigued.

Big budget films like Cowboys and Aliens, I am Number Four, Green Lantern, etc. will be at a theater near you in 2011. I sense the start of a trend...

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