Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amazon Studios

Now here's something worth investigating. Apparently, is going into the movie business with Amazon Studios. They're looking for the best scripts and films to put up on the big screen. You can read the FAQ here.

Keep in mind, Zoetrope and Triggerstreet have been doing this sort of thing for years — minus the monthly cash prizes. I have yet to hear about the writer who was plucked from digital obscurity and dropped into screenwriting superstardom. Why am I suddenly getting Project Greenlight flashbacks? Toxic message boards. Torpedoed reviews. Sludging through god-awful screenplays written by total newbies. Ahh, good times... not.

The process allows anyone to submit revisions of the scripts online!?! Never fear, the original script isn't actually replaced. Everything is grouped together, original with alternate drafts. The waters seem a bit muddy when it comes divvying up the prize money between the original writer and "guest" collaborator(s).

This is one of those ideas that sounds really great on paper, but eventually turns into one big clusterf***. Who's going to read/watch all these scripts and movies!? The judging process is vague at best. And with no entry fee, but the promise of $140,000 a month in prizes, can you say zero quality control? Additionally, some folks are bristling at the 18 month exclusivity that Amazon gets with your script.

While I wouldn't upload one of my more recent screenplays, I might take a shot with an oldie just taking up space on the hard drive. It's highly doubtful this contest will amount to anything, but you never know... and it is free.


Brian said...

Thank you Sir!

screamwriter said...

Good luck!


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