Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Rap

I meant to do quick wrap of some summer TV earlier, but I got more than a little side-tracked. Even though Noel Clark's Triangle Challenge ended a few weeks back, I aim to finish what I started. Anyway, here goes:

The Gates

The supernatural teen love triangle wore on me a bit, but the other storylines held my attention. With the likes of True Blood, Twilight and yet another Underworld movie on the horizon, viewers are probably experiencing vampire/werewolf fatigue at this point. Although the ratings weren't huge, they were fairly stable. Hardly groundbreaking, but watchable. Things might have been more interesting if the focus was on other supernatural creatures. I'll never understand why a limited run series would opt for cliffhangers instead of giving loyal viewers closure. It makes me less likely to pick up the DVD. Who knows if it will be back next year. We'll likely get repeats on Chiller or SyFy.

True Blood

Started off strong, but didn't deliver a strong enough payoff. The whole season was underwhelming and unfocused. Too much stuff with Jason and the Hillbilly Were-Panther People, Sam and his trashy shape-shifting relatives, Arlene and the baby, etc. I'll admit, the stuff with Russell was fun, but the previous season did a better job of tying the various subplots together. Maybe it's a set up for things to come.

Persons Unknown

Missed a bunch of episodes and never got back on track. I hear the finale didn't answer a lot of "burning" questions. Why am I not surprised?


I lost interest after a couple of episodes. However, I caught the last few and they weren't half bad. There was a Stephen King reference that made me chuckle. Sometimes the phenomena is downright goofy. But character stuff makes it worthwhile. Curious to see where it's headed.

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