Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Ordinary Family

I really should have posted this earlier, but it completely slipped my mind. ABC had an online preview of the No Ordinary Family pilot. Not sure if the link still works, but you can try signing up here:

Password: Extraordinary

Just a couple of spoiler free thoughts. Michael Chiklis plays a corrupt cop on the edge and he's about to -- er... sorry, wrong show. Chiklis actually plays a police artist and dad, Julie Benz is the hot scientist mom and two cranky teens round out this mildly dysfunctional bunch. An attempt at family time goes horribly wrong when their plane crashes in the Amazon. They survive their ordeal unharmed, but forever changed. If you blink within the first five minutes, you might miss all the crammed in plot. After that, it’s basically about them discovering/dealing with their extraordinary powers and trying to become a family again.

NOF isn’t a game-changer, nor do I think that was the intention. Those Incredibles, Fantastic Four and Heroes comparisons will probably help more than anything. I kinda wish they had pushed the envelope a bit. You know, Dad is having an affair, Mom has a drinking problem, the daughter might be pregnant -- but this is Disney we’re talking about. Wholesome 8pm fun. Some of the effects are pretty solid for TV. Dialogue felt forced a few times (e.g. texting God). I could easily see this as a one-shot cable movie or several cable movies, but a full-fledged series? I have my doubts. Still, it's just a pilot. Gotta wait and see.

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