Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trifecta of Terror

Is this Marisa Tomei's first horror film? Better late than never I guess. A mother becomes overwhelmed by the constant fear that her children are in grave danger. Craig Bierko and Regina Hall (both Scary Movie alums) round out the cast as her husband and therapist. This one's a head scratcher. I can't figure out what was so strong about the material that attracted the talent involved — I believe there's another Scary Movie connection with one of the producers . A serviceable psychological thriller that lacks surprises and doesn't leave any lasting impressions..

A group of strangers in a hospital are suddenly transported to a hellish alternate reality. Think Lost with cheap scares, (mildly) menacing rubber-suited monsters and time loops. Pretty solid for the first thirty minutes or so, then starts to unravel into an incomprehensible mess. If you think of Dark Floors as a really long music video for Finnish band the Lordi, it probably makes perfect sense (to their fans).

I remember liking the script, in a trashy B movie kinda way, but the film just dragged on. Took itself a little too seriously. I bailed somewhere around the halfway point. The only other thing I have to add is that Isabelle Fuhrman would have made a great Abby in the Let The Right One In remake.

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