Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fresh Meat

Interesting selection of genre shows on the table for next season. Some might be spec worthy — if they can manage to survive...

The Cape - guy presumed to be dead, fights crime with a special cape that let's him do cool stuff and Keith David - HEY, IT'S SPAWN: THE LIVE ACTION SERIES!!! Maybe not. Don't know about this one, given the high cheese content, but it does have Summer Glau. Fanboys and Browncoats will give it a shot.

The Event - I'm sensing a sci-fi angle. Hope it'll stick around long enough to see if my hunch pans out. The recent demise of FlashForward isn't a good omen for another serialized (sci-fi-ish?) drama.

Nikita - Dig the colorblind casting, but I need to see more. This is kinda meh.

No Ordinary Family - maybe they should call it, 'The Incredible Fantastic Family of Four Heroes!' Feels more like a made-for-cable movie than a weekly series. We'll see...

Undercovers - yay for more colorblind casting, but wasn't there a Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Jordana Brewster) pilot that never made it to air? This looks like fun though. With JJ Abrams exec producing, the show will be given every opportunity to succeed.

Honestly, I was expecting more of a Twilight effect. Vamps, werewolves and whatnot. What happened to Salma Hayek's Werewolf series and Michael Dougherty's Bitches? Also, The CW's Betwixt didn't make the cut.

MTV is readying a Teen Wolf series, and ABC does have The Gates coming in June. You can't tell much from the promo, but it's been described as something akin to Desperate Housewives — except with supernatural creatures.

Almost forgot about Spielberg's Terra Nova - which sounds a bit like the old Land of the Lost series.

And what's up with all the bland, vanilla show titles? Geez!

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