Saturday, May 15, 2010


If a father pledges his unborn son's body parts to forty-eight demons — in exchange for the power to defeat his enemies — and is then abandoned by his mother shortly after being born, the kid's bound to have some issues... A young man with a mostly prosthetic body, tracks down said demons in order to become whole again. Kill a demon, magically regain a (random) body part. Along Dororo’s journey, he's joined by a cross-dressing, female thief. That's the gist of this supernatural action/adventure set in feudal Japan.

Think Edward Scissorhands meets Kill Bill and Hellboy, but with a smaller production budget. Some demons look great, while others appear to be castoffs from a forgotten Power Rangers episode. Action is solid though, and two leads are well cast. You’d think a guy killing demons would be beloved by villagers, but alas, they view him as a "little monster." Lots of brooding, swordplay and enough room for the occasional comedic moment. Solid story. As I watched, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the film would make a pretty cool anime. Turns out, there was an anime — 40 years ago!

And a manga before that. There was even a Dororo video game for the PS2 — also known as “Blood Will Tell.” I forget which production company has the rights, but it’s a property just bursting with all kinds of transmedia potential.


watchman said...

All based on a manga by the great Osamu Tezuka.

screamwriter said...

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to anime and manga, but this is a nice piece of storytelling. Will have to look for more of his stuff. From what I understand, the sidekick wasn't female in the manga, but the change works well in the film.


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