Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fringe better than X-Files?

The short answer is no. However...

The question has slowly started become worthy of a conversation. Fringe has definitely found its legs this season, fleshing out characters and establishing a unique mythology. While both shows share a few common threads, the X-Files imitator claims are no longer justified. Thursday's time-traveling episode with Peter Weller was top-wish-I-could-write-like-that-notch.

Back in the day, X-Files had the luxury of a Friday night time slot. Fringe goes up against Thursday night juggernauts like C.S.I. and Grey's Anatomy. Ratings haven't been spectacular, but fairly stable.

We finally get the characters. It makes sense why Peter has bounced around all his life, not fitting in. And we now know why folks from that parallel universe so darned ticked off -- Walter brought it all on himself. Up to this point, we've gotten more answers than Lost. Tons of stuff to play with for a TV spec.

Fringe needs several more seasons under its belt before a true argument can be made, but you gotta like where it's headed.

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