Monday, March 15, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Look what I found. The first episode of Milla Jovovich's 2006 sci-fi/actioner, Ultraviolet, spun-off as an anime. I'm still not sure why anyone would want to adapt a box-office underperformer such as this. Ultraviolet did have an in-your-face comic book flair, so I guess it makes sense on some level. Maybe the series went into production before the film was released -- I hear anime can take a while to complete. I haven't watched the whole thing, but it appears to be a prequel.

I'm surprised the folks behind Underworld still haven't tried this. I mean, the Hellboy direct to DVD animated movies appear to be successful. They even have the original cast doing the voice work. It would probably be easier (and cheaper) getting Kate Beckinsale to voice Selene in an animated feature, than suiting up in latex at this point. Even Legion dipped its toe in the water, going the motion comic route with a trailer for a graphic novel.

I'm not totally sold on motion comics, but I thought that looked pretty decent -- the actual film was another story.

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