Sunday, January 03, 2010

25 Screams (part v)

And now we're down to the Final Five...

5. Pitch Black - this pick might throw you for a loop at first, but Pitch Black is basically a horror movie set on another planet. Fantastic creature designs, badass anti-hero and non-cookie cutter characters for the most part.

4. A Tale of Two Sisters - 2009's The Uninvited was a dumbed-down remake this brilliant South Korean thriller -- ugh! Has one of the best twists since the Sixth Sense.

3. Let The Right One In - I hear the novel is actually creepier than the film -- don't know how that's even possible. No sparklies here, just two lonely souls finding each other -- with a couple of bodies along the way.

2. 28 Days Later - A fresh take on a well-worn concept. Great music as well.

1. Frailty - Probably one of the most underrated films of the decade. Period.

And those are my picks. Whew!


The White Wolf said...

Oh fuck!

screamwriter said...

There's nothing like a spirited debate!

The White Wolf said...

You'll have to come over to my blog to see where I'm coming from.

No debate ;)

Rashad Ferguson said...

Amazing list Scream, by far the best “list” I have come across so far. Much respect on Frailty, Pitch Black, The Grudge, Night Watch, Blade II, Resident Evil and Ginger Snaps.

Must pick with you about leaving Saw and Hostel off the list neither of which are torture porn to me and two dark horses out there are Session 9 and Perkins 14.

screamwriter said...

@The White Wolf

Black Sheep definitely deserves an honorable mention -- totally forgot about that one. I'd also throw in Splinter and Fido.


I've tried watching Session 9 a few times, but I have a hard time with any film/TV show that stars David Caruso. Maybe one more try...

Perkins 14 didn't ring a bell, but after reading the synopsis on the imdb, I do remember seeing some of it. I thought the scenes at the jail were really strong -- kinda lost me with the secret room/'monster' stuff though.

I think there's a script on the Black List from 2008 (or further back, can't remember the name) about a father who kidnaps the person he believes to be responsible for his kid's disappearance -- and the lengths he'll go to get the truth. Came to mind when I was watching Perkins.

The White Wolf said...

RE: the revenge of a father...

want to see the Aussie film THE HORSEMAN. Missed it at the festivals.

Still haven't seen FIDO, and that's prolly cause the title is crap. Heard it was good tho.

Have you seen MULBERRY ST.? Part of that 8 Films to Die For (like Perkins 14). That one's a real winner.

Rashad Ferguson said...

The thing that I loved about the Perkins 14 is it taps into that very fundamental question who or what creates a killer nature or nurture?

After those kids are accidentally released the hell they unleash is forgivable yet is it their fault or the fault of the madman that abducted who only committed the atrocity because what happen to him when he was a kid…

You guys are right Splinter is definitely a keeper with Hatchet maybe grabbing a few honorable mention nods…

The White Wolf said...

Sorry Rashad but I think Hatchet is a complete joke... and rip-off of much-much better slashers of the 80's.

Victor Crowley -- MADMAN MARZ

Dousing the bad guy with gasoline, lighting a match and then it rains, extinguishing the flame --


And I don't think we have to even mention the ending.

Having said that, I'll watch Adam Green's FROZEN before giving up on his 'talent'.

screamwriter said...

@The White Wolf

Fido is a pretty (strange) good story. The name really fits.

Heard about Mulberry St, but I haven't seen it yet.

Frozen seems a tough premise to drag out for 90 minutes. How long is it?


It is an interesting question...

I liked Hatchet's set up a lot more than the actual payoff.

Rashad Ferguson said...

White Wolf and Scream Hatchet is far from perfect but everything about the movie is what a horror movie should be.

The budget was minimal at best most of the movie was shot in a mall parking lot and in the wee hours of the night.

One of the main themes of this last decade was the rise of digital filmmaking and the Guerilla Filmmaker and if there was ever a genre to thrive in this situation, it is horror.

However, time after time we were bombarded with horrible footage, lazy plots and fake breast in many movies.

To me Hatchet raised the bar on what it is to make a low budget horror movie.

Also Vacancy and The Strangers need a few votes cannot believe we forgot about Splinter.

screamwriter said...


I'm not knocking Hatchet. I didn't think it was great, but definitely watchable.


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