Friday, January 01, 2010

25 Screams (part iii)

15. Dog Soldiers

The Descent seems to get all the attention, but this other Neil Marshall film was far more entertaining. A training exercise goes awry when a group of soldiers are ambushed by a pack of werewolves. Still waiting on that sequel...

14. Underworld

A mash up The Matrix, Blade, American Werewolf in London and Romeo & Juliet. All for under 25 million! Incredible production values. Kicked off a solid franchise.

13. Hellboy

What kind of Svengali-like hold does Ron Perlman have over Guillermo Del Toro?

"Forget about Vin Diesel! You'll cast me as the lead in Hellboy! MUAHAHAHA!"

Seriously, Perlman was made for the role. And I don't think there's another director capable of handling this dark yet quirky comic book universe from creator Mike Mignola.

12. Paranormal Activity

No stars + no budget + no CG effects equaled one of the year's biggest hits. The Blair Witch of the Twenty-First century, with a better story.

11. [rec]

The remake, Quarantine, is better known to American audiences, but this Spanish film's claustrophobic take on the zombie genre was a breath of fresh air.

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