Thursday, December 31, 2009

25 Screams (part ii)

20. Constantine

Angels, Demons and a man caught in the middle. This supernatural-actioner was unfortunately more style than substance, but nevertheless entertaining.

19. Skeleton Key

Solid thriller about a hospice nurse who begins to suspect that her patient is the target of supernatural shenanigans -- almost wore out its welcome with some bump-in-the-night clich├ęs. It kind of plays out like an extended Twilight Zone episode with a nice twist at the end. Excellent incorporation of American folklore.

18. Nightwatch

Cool Russian import about warring factions of supernatural beings. A little hard to follow at times, but visually a treat.

17. Blade II

Some of the effects are dated and it doesn't quite match the intensity of the original, but this Guillermo Del Toro helmed sequel holds its own as the Daywalker reluctantly teams up with the Vampire Nation in order to deal with an even bigger threat.

16. Resident Evil

Haven't you heard? Women can't open movies. Apparently, neither has Milla Jovovich, because she was busy finishing the fourth installment of this popular video game adaptation -- one of the few successful video game adaptations. No deep story here. Decent build up though. Kill or be killed. Throw in Michelle Rodriguez's scowl and you've got a party.

(more to come...)

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