Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trick 'r Treat

Anna Paquin stars on one of the hottest shows on cable TV, which happens to feature vampires as well other supernatural creatures, so her involvement in a Halloween-themed horror flick exec produced by X-Men's Bryan Singer sounds like a no-brainer for a theater near you, right? BZZZT! Nope. Trick 'r Treat's straight to DVD release is downright puzzling. Some might find a scene or two objectionable, but it's a mostly solid collection of tales about the spirit of Halloween:

a) Respect the symbols of Halloween.

b) Burying secrets.

c) A prank goes horribly wrong.

d) The spirit of Halloween pays a grumpy old man a visit.

e) A naive young woman in search of a date.

The film feels a lot like an updated Tales From The Darkside. Makes the most of its rumored 12 million dollar budget. The move to bypass theaters must be a result of behind the scenes machinations that we're not privy to, someone won/lost a power play? I mean, even the subpar Blood:The Last Vampire got a limited release. Regardless, this should do well on DVD...


Racicot said...

I wonder if the Anthology label hurt the film?

Because it's not really anthology-like.

screamwriter said...

I read somewhere that there were concerns audiences would confuse Sam with an actual child. Some of the other mayhem involving children might also have been problematic. Movie critic David Poland had a really good panel on current horror films and the subject of "Trick 'r Treat" came up... check it out the video here.


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