Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Not gonna give up any spoilers, but scariest movie of all time? I think not. You can find scarier clips on online, in fact, I'll give you a head start:

The 10 Scariest videos on the internet.

(watch out for #2!)

The Blair Witch comparisons are apt. Low budget, high concept horror goes on to become an "overnight" box office sensation. Not bad for a film that's been sitting on the shelf for a few years. ..

Nice idea with adequate execution and a FEW tense moments. Unlike BW, Paranormal Activity doesn't feel like a bunch of actors riffing for 90+ minutes. There's definitely a three act structure to the story. I could almost describe it as an extended episode of Supernatural where the Winchester brothers *don't* show up. If you ignore the hype and lower your expectations, it should be a decent experience... but you still might hate it with every fiber of your being...


The marketing folks are the real stars here. They've managed to create buzz by turning a tiny film into an event, which is no small feat. After that, the bandwagon effect took over.

I tweeted earlier about a possible Paranormal Activity 2. Who didn't see that coming?

And get ready for the imitators...


Racicot said...

Can't decide whether seeing it a home might be a better choice - get high and freaked out.

In other news, apparently COLIN is getting good reviews from the horror community.

screamwriter said...

I think seeing it with a group would be the better experience.

Haven't seen it, but I'm curious about COLIN.

Racicot said...

You're right.

Read an LA Times article where the filmmakers (when negotiating with Paramount for the remake rights)stipulated that Para had to conduct one public screening, knowing that the film plays well with an audience.

Also looking forward to Ti West's HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

screamwriter said...

I hope the Paranormal Activity filmmakers were smart enough to get a back-end deal. :)

Good luck with your script.

Racicot said...

Thanks, 'preciate it.

Hopefully Mad Max 4 puts some heat in the action-thriller genre.

Will stay-tuned to your blog.

Best success.



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